Asphalt Sealing

Seam Sealing | Restore Pavement

Roads, Driveways & Parking Lots

CRF® Restorative Seal is a reinforced or fortified asphalt rejuvenator and sealer. It is designed to restore  pavements that have deteriorated past the point at which a straight maltene rejuvenator would be beneficial. CRF® penetrates the surface of asphalt pavement, providing lower levels of rejuvenation and fluxing than would pure maltene rejuvenators. However, the product contains some asphaltene content, which allows the emulsion to hold sand and to fill larger voids and cracks.
CRF® is typically diluted 2:1 for surface spray applications like seam sealing and applied at application rates of 0.4 - 0.9 liters per square meter. In ambient temperatures of 10 deg. C., CRF® will break within 20 – 60 minutes of application. Sand is then applied at rates between 2 and 4 kgs. per square meter, drag broomed to ‘even out’ the sand and force it into voids and cracks, then compacted.