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Asphalt Emulsions

Asphalt emulsions

Starting in 1999, Western Road Distribution has been at the forefront of distributing and applying specialized asphalt emulsion throughout Western Canada.  We have worked exclusively with the "All Roads Pavement Preservation Ltd".  (Monty Kallio) in the application of CRF for pavement seals and "Reclamite" for Recycled Asphalt Pieces (RAP) roadways.

ARC Asphalt, Peter Bros. and GreenRoads Recycling are the operators of "Hot in Place" (HIP) trains in B.C.     We transport the rejuvenating product, "Cyclogen" with our tankers  to wherever they are working in B.C.

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  • tank truck with positive shut-off spray bars.
  • quad axle pup
  • 30,000 litre tri-axle tanker
  • 24,000 litre tandem axle tanker
  • 16 yard side discharge sand truck