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Bulk Commodity Hauling

Bulk Commodity Hauling

Western Road Distribution Inc. has been involved in the movement of bulk products for 16 years. 

Our specialized units have transported; Coal, Red Shale, Lime, Sand and Gravel.

We offer 8 axle units in; side dump, end dump or belly dump configurations.  Our transportation of Red Shale products for Pacific Bentonite has been ongoing since the creation of the mine site in Hat Creek, B.C.

Transporting coal for "Graymont Western" has been the back bone of our transport division, having hauled     1/2 million tonnes. 


  • 8 axle side dump trailer with 50 yard capacity
  • side dump trailers
  • side dump/end dump trailers - 8 axle - 50 yard capacity
  • 2 - High volume - 8 axle belly dump trailers - 85 yard capacity.