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Dust Abatement

Protect your road surface and control dust generation with our dust control products.

Control dust on gravel roads through the annual application of our calcium chloride dust control products.  Calcium chloride is a hydroscopic compound, meaning it is capable of absorbing and holding moisture (water).  This means that during higher humidity periods, such as each night, the product will be able to absorb moisture from the air and retain it in the road surface during the day.  This significantly reduces the rate of dust generation from road vehicles.  When applied consistently, the dust control accumulates in the road surface and can improve the dust control ability of the road surface with each passing year.

Applied at the volume appropriate for the use of the road, dust can be effectively controlled through the summer season.  Dust on roadways can be a safety hazard to other vehicles, it generates substantial amounts of airborne particles that can be breathed in and rapidly depletes the quantity of fine particles that help stabilize and protect the road surface.  The loss of fine particles in gravel roads can result in its deterioration as the aggregate becomes more exposed and frees up from the road surface.

Regular application of calcium chloride dust control can also assist with winter freezing and frost heaving.  In some heavier use roadways, a second application may be necessary in mid/late-summer.

We supply and apply Formula 35 Premium Dust Control from Tiger Calcium.  The product is thoroughly tested, safe and highly effective.

Western Road Distribution's experts can assist in determining the application rate appropriate for your roads and facility, ranging from mines, forestry roads to industrial sites and driveways.