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Winter Ballast Program

winter time ballast program

Since the Winter Ballast Program inception  in 1998, we have worked directly with C.N.R. to create a winter ballast program that extends across Canada to the eastern seaboard of the U.S.A.  The program involves; cleaning, loading and spraying our de-icing product "Road Guard Plus" into ballast railcars.  The final step is to install a roof system to maintain the ballast rocks integrity.  For our creative invention, Western Road Distribution was presented the "Award of Achievement" in 2001 by the Canadian Transportation Safety Council for our innovative ballast car safety solutions.

We also perform on-site de-icing of rail cars and track sidings for winter work.

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  • Customized de-icer spraying units
  • Large volume de-icer supply units
  • Wheel loader with customized rail car unloading attachment.
  • Various smaller ballast de-icing specialized equipment