Formula 35 Dust Control

Reduce Dust | Road Stabilization

Roads, Driveways, Riding Arenas & Parking Lots

Formula 35 Premium Dust Control is highly effective and specifically designed for roads, driveways, riding arenas and parking lots. Formula 35 Premium dust control is made from naturally produced calcium chloride and has the highest level of calcium content possible - meaning you don't need to spray as much to achieve optimum dust suppression (up to 14% less).

Formula 35's lower and more efficient application rates mean less risk of harmful overspray impacting the environment and lower overall cost. The calcium chloride used to make dust control is environmentally responsible and safe. Formula 35 Premium Dust Control is known industry-wide to be environmentally responsible and is not considered to be a hazardous substance.

Formula 35 is biodegradable, less toxic to aquatic life than oil, does not bio-accumulate and has minimal impact on water, air, plants and wildlife.

Road Stabilization: Adding Formula 35 Dust Control makes roadways more resistant to pot holes and frost heaves from vehicles and weather making it perfect for road stabilization.

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